Directed by Jimmy Dean

Written by Ellie Gocher

Produced by Ellie Gocher, Michael Cox and Thom Hammond

Well, we are already on to the third entry in our ShortSpace – time flies when you’re having fun, right? This time around it’s a unique spin on the vampire sub-genre which is both fun and fierce in equal measure, with a powerful message to boot. This is all brought to life with an incredible performance from star Synnove Karlsen, who sells it to you right from the opening scene. Jakob was lucky enough to have a little chat with director Jimmy Dean about the film here.

JB: How did yourself and the writer, Ellie Gocher come together to bring this project to life?

JD: Ellie and I met at university and had worked together on our two previous student shorts, Charity and Offside, which she also wrote and produced and I’d directed. So we were always looking to make another film together. Ellie came up with the idea for V and I instantly responded to it. I loved the character of Minnie and the world that the film takes places in and we felt it was a great chance to use the horror genre and vampire mythology as a backdrop to tell this very personal story about adolescence, isolation and address themes of sexual abuse. Thankfully, Film London liked the project and we are super privileged that they supported us and helped us make it. We’re hugely thankful to a number of people who supported the film, helped us fund it and to those who worked on it – we’re so happy we got to make it.

JB: Synnove Karlsen is absolutely fantastic in the lead role in ‘V’, but how did you know she would be right for the part? 

JD: She’s incredible, isn’t she? I’d seen her in Clique on the BBC and was really taken by her performance in that. So, luckily we were able to get her in for this and, I guess it’s hard to put into words, but as soon she came in I instantly knew she was the one who had to play Minnie. She just totally got what we were trying to do with the film, and importantly to me, was really passionate about the material and what the film was trying to say. We just instantly clicked and I felt like we had the same vision of who this character was and it was clear this process of bringing her to life would be a really strong collaboration. I guess sometimes you just know someone’s right. And she was a dream to work – so I’m just forever thankful she helped us bring this film to life.