Directed by Dean Puckett

Written by Dean Puckett

Produced by Rebecca Wolff

Another month, another short film, and this time we’re venturing into darker territory with this stunning folk horror from the mind of promising writer/director Dean Puckett, which received backing by Creative England and the BFI, and found success on the festival circuit. With a gorgeous 35mm framing, and settings and situations which hark back to days gone by, it’s easy to regard this as a reflection of the past, but this story of forbidden love and religious vilification, still carries a frighteningly sharp resonance when considered in today’s society.

Due to the short film’s rousing success, Dean Puckett is now developing a feature film version with the help of the BFI, the BBC and Creative England, and we cannot wait to see it! You can learn more about the Grasp The Nettle Productions team here.