We don’t like delivering bad news, but unfortunately that’s what we have to do in this instance. The short horror film ‘It Calls Me’, which we are co-producing with Static Flow Productions and Let There Be Light Productions, has sadly hit a slight obstacle in the funding process which will see the shooting schedule pushed back to Spring 2020.

The project, which was set to shoot in September of this year, will now benefit from months of additional script development and production planning, which director Jakob Lewis Barnes sees as something of a blessing in disguise. Barnes certainly seems to be seeing the positives anyway, as he took to Twitter last week to explain the situation and open up about how this setback has affected him. Despite initially feeling the blow, it’s clear that he now realises the “whole journey is a learning curve” and remains determined to make sure this project fulfils its potential.

The unfortunate delays do also mean that our other projects will now be given extra attention as Barnes puts his producer hat on, and there is hope that these schedules could be brought forward. Keep an eye out for updates on this project by following the ‘It Calls Me’ Twitter account.