Directed by Julien + Simon Dara

Written by Julien + Simon Dara

Produced by Christophe Clement

Our latest short film pick is the very unconventional – and ironically named – ‘The Ordinary’, from brothers, Julien and Simon Dara. Not a line of dialogue is spoke over the 7 or so minutes of content with Erwann Kermorvant’s rousing score all this poetic short really needs. Experimental in nature, dipping into the realm of science-fiction and fantasy with certain elements, The Ordinary is the sort of film that will spawn a myriad of different interpretations from those watching it from its opening moments as a man faces down a dragon all the way through to its surprising ending.

This sublime short film has been selected for 15 festivals since its release in 2016, and deservedly so. Unfortunately, we were unable to get in touch with the team behind the film, so Dara Brothers, if you’re reading this, we’re big fans and would love to chat to you about your work!