Directed by Karen Gillan

Written by Karen Gillan

Produced by Mari Elfman, Michael May, Darin Eppich, Zeke Pinheiro

So, we’ve gone from The Ordinary in September, to CONVENTIONAL this month – does anyone see a pattern emerging? Well, we assure you that the latest ShortSpace pick here is far from the mundane, despite its title.

Written by Karen Gillan, directed by Karen Gillan and, you guessed it, starring Karen Gillan (with added bonus fish lips), CONVENTIONAL is a bleak, uneasy, very uncomfortable and, at times, darkly comical, character study of a tormented former scream queen dealing with her dwindling stardom, as she does the rounds on the horror convention tour.

We figured this short would be perfect for October as we approach the spooky season, and it’s very exciting to see a big star like Gillan take a step away from the bright lights of Hollywood to create such a clever and twisted short film.