Written by Alice Seabright, Mark Weinman

Directed by Alice Seabright

Produced by Anna Hargreaves

What would be the worst day for someone to have to do the job of a sex education teacher, dealing with all sorts of intimate and personal questions with a bunch of rowdy youngsters totally out of their depth? That, in a nutshell, is what our first short film of 2020, SEX ED, sets out to answer, directed by Alice Seabright, who co-wrote the script with star, Mark Weinman.

Seabright brilliantly captures the pressure cooker feel of the situation as Weinman’s Ed begins to break over the course of the short, opting to capture the entirety of the classroom scene in one shot. “I always thought of going into the classroom as almost like diving underwater for Ed, holding his breathing until the class is finished,” Seabright explained. That, combined with Weinman’s stellar performance throughout, makes for an immensely effective, often funny, very human short film.