Over the weekend, the I Love You, Guys family grew again, with the introduction of two new cast members to the production. In case you missed it, we recently announced Becky Bush would be playing the lead role of Sky in the film, and now the two key supporting roles have been filled and the cast is complete.

So, without further ado, we’d like you to meet Cecilia Crossland, who will be playing the role of Taylor, a crucial figure in Sky’s past and her rise to fame. Producer Jakob Lewis Barnes says: “Cecilia is someone that I have wanted to work with for a long time, and when this role came along, I knew she would be a contender, but her final audition just blew us all away and left us with no doubt that she was the perfect fit for the role.“

And rounding out the cast is Pedro Leandro, who will be playing the role of Ryan. As part of Sky’s band, Ryan is pretty much ever-present in her life, whether she likes it or not. Jakob had this to say: “Ryan and Sky have a kind of love-hate, almost sibling-like relationship, and Pedro manages to bring a really light-hearted and fun side to this dynamic. He’s a fantastic professional, and has such a good understanding of his character already.”

Director, Billie Rogan added: ”We were overwhelmed with the response to our initial casting call which gave us the opportunity to meet so many talented people. Our final three; Becky, Cecilia and Pedro are unbelievably talented and have already begun to build some incredibly nuanced performances which I cannot wait to work with them on. I’m so excited for everyone to see what they can do!“

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