You may have seen that we recently wrapped principle photography on our comedy project The Grim Truth on the 9th March, which seems like a very distant memory now. But, despite everything going on in the world, we are staying positive and pushing ahead with post-production to get this film completed and keep its release on track.

We are very lucky to have Lewis Coates on board as our editor for this project, and he has been working hard from home to put a rough cut together, whilst communicating remotely with our director, Sam Comrie, and producer, Jakob Lewis Barnes to ensure the vision for the film is fulfilled. We are really pleased with how the footage is coming along so far, and we cannot wait to share this with you all eventually.

The plan was to submit the film to festivals throughout the summer and then have a big release in time for Halloween, to celebrate the somewhat spooky vibe of our characters. Whilst we are facing an uncertain future for the film industry, it is unclear what a festival run would even look like now, but we are remaining steadfast and targeting certain festivals which have plans in place to continue their events online as a contingency plan. And that big release will still come, in whatever shape or form is possible at the time.