Written by Kristen Brookman

Produced by Kristen Brookman

Directed by Kristen Brookman

We were introduced to this fantastic short film by our good friend and collaborator, CK Goldiing, who is a big fan of Kristen’s passion and inventiveness when it comes to filmmaking. This simple yet splendid short is the debut effort from a talented writer/director who is clearly set for big things, and we are delighted to be able to shine a light on her work.

This is very much a story which captures the essence of being human, of making connections and understanding one another, and is a prime example of the magic of filmmaking. This short proves we don’t need big explosions, high-stakes action or special effects to truly feel something. Quite the opposite in fact. All we really need is endearing, honest and authentic stories, and that is the beauty of independent filmmaking.