In our ongoing quest to support the independent film industry as much as possible, we have decided to create a new monthly feature here where we shine a spotlight on a particular production company or team that we think are doing amazing things. First up in our spotlight is Underscore Studios, a filmmaking trio from London who are passionate about not just contributing to the industry, but changing it altogether.

With their latest project, These Streets, the studio aims to redress the balance in the class systems in place in the filmmaking industry, offering up more opportunities to working-class creatives. This is set to be a dynamic film that uses spoken word and visual storytelling to challenge the class disparities in the arts, especially in the television, film and radio sector, where the percentage of people in those sectors and coming from a working-class background is just 12.4%.

Writer of These Streets, and owner of the studio, Jordan John, says: “We want to change that. And we want to use art to do so. I wanted to write this story because we need to challenge the historical and current climate of elitism and exclusivity and inspire others to do the same and challenge it. Our film is the poetic declaration that the system needs work. But we also need to communicate to the younger demographic that there is hope and by taking positive creation action, we can change things.”

Their crowdfunding campaign is live on IndieGoGo now, and we urge you to please support this vital project here and help this amazing team get one step closer to creating an impacting and timely film and get working-class talent the opportunities they deserve.